Support & Downloads

Click the links below to see the documentation available for your information.

1. Information Package: in ENGLISH and CHINESE
To get an overview of our activities, services and members.

2. Events Sponsorship Package: in ENGLISH and CHINESE
Various possibilities explaining how to use our three main flagship events as a platform to promote your services/products and increase your brand awareness among our network:

For an overview of our events throughout the year, please click HERE.

3. Media Kit: in ENGLISH and CHINESE
According to your budget and wished exposure, you will find an introduction of different ways to expand the visibility of your company through our electronic and printed communication channels:

  • The Bridge: our bilingual magazine is published on a quarterly basis and reaches out to 10,000 readers.
  • Electronic channels: our website (20’000 visits/month), newsletter (4’000 subscribers in Beijing) and Reader’s Digest (8’000 subscribers in Greater China and in Switzerland)
  • Yearly sponsorship: in order to enjoy a full visibility during the whole year in Beijing, in Shanghai and in Guangzhou.
    • National membership included: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou
    • Your logo on our event’s banner, email signature (see below)
    • Your logo on our webpage (20’000 visit/month)
    • Free advertising in the Bridge Magazine, newsletter, Reader’s Digest, …