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2019 in TEDxFuxingPark, we present you a series of speakers who’s life was heavily influenced by the quest of seeking the truth after discovering problems or setbacks, which boosted new energy, life advancements and ideas. Are you with us? Come, and find out all the missions impossible and how they finally became mission accomplished.


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- Mission Impossible April 20, 2019

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Grand Boat Culture Development Co., Ltd. is an internationalcultural enterprise that integrates high-class performing arts resources aroundthe world, as well as producing and presenting classic performances,high-quality family shows and various cultural activities.

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Chenyu Ling

Godot Theatre Company

Found in 1988,Godot Theatre Company,with a motto that goes 'Share This Wonderful World.'has produced more than 60 plays in various topics in years.The Theatre is now the most vital and create theatre in Taiwan who is known for Chinese musicals and international presence.


  • 10% discount at limited performances indicated by Godot Theatre Company through Swiss Cham email/newsletters/communication. The discount ticket except for 80RMB tickets.
  • Special invitations for events (backstage tour, lectures, open rehearsal, etc.) organised by Godot Theatre Company through Swiss Cham email/newsletters/communication.

Godot Theatre Company, No.1277, Beijin West Road, Jin'an, Shanghai
Tel: +86 21 61157236-811

Contact Person: Ms. Chien Chou


Becycle Spinning Studio

BECYCLE is indoor cycling reinvented and we work out following the latest spinning trends. We love to push a little more to meet your objectives…

Dive in an amazing atmosphere with energetic instructors, upbeat music, air purifier, a colorful light show and the best spinning videos. And enjoy our facilities!


  • 10% discount on all rides/packages
  • 3 U-Spin get 1 free (private workout)


667 Changhua Rd. near Anyuan Rd Studio S4A
Tel: + 186 1695 2975

Contact Person: Mr. Felipe Orozco  +86 186 1695 2975

Rawee Martial Arts

Rawee Martial Arts is a professional gym primarily providing top of the edge training for MUAY THAI in Shanghai, but at the same time combining the offering of various Asian martial arts under one roof. Fighters and beginners, everybody and any fitness level is welcome. Rawee Martial Arts provides comprehensive training in various techniques and building strength and cardio in a healthy and safe training environment with air filters, soft flooring and original quality equipment from Twins.


  • 10% discount on group classes
  • 10% discount on corporate team trainings
    (These offers cannot be combined with other discounts)

Qinzhou Bei Lu 68, Bldg. A, 101, 200233 Shanghai
Tel: 186 2126 7715


Contact Person:   Iris Duchetsmann