Economic Reports

Dear SwissCham Members and Friends,

SwissCham has compiled a number of economic reports which are available for your use. The reports are categorized among the following industries:

  • Aerospace & Automotive, Consumers & Retail
  • Communication & Technology
  • Energy & Materials
  • Financial Services
  • Food & Beverages
  • General Reports
  • Human Resources
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Pharmaceuticals & Life Science
  • Social Security
  • Survey
  • Tourism
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Swiss Government Official Reports
  • Sino-Swiss Business Related Reports

Should you have any reports that you would wish us to add, you are welcome to submit your suggestions to

McKinsey   Bigger, better, broader: A perspective on China's auto market in 2020   2012
Accenture   China's automotive market   2013
Roland Berger   Driven - Are China's car manufacturers ready to compete in the US and Europe?   2006
EY   Impact of Beijing's license quota system on the Chinese automotive industry   2011
McKinsey   Innovating in China’s automotive market: An interview with GM China’s president   2012
IBM   Inside China - The Chinese view their automotive future   2006
IBM   Inside China - The Chinese view their automotive future /short   2006
PwC   Market updates on aviation financing   2013
EY   Mega trends shaping the global commercial vehicle industry   2012
KPMG   Overcapacity: A potential 'Speedbump' in the World's largest Automotive Market   2012
McKinsey   Recharging China's electric vehicle aspirations -  A perspective on revitalizing China’s electric vehicle industry   2012
EY   Urban mobility blueprint   2012
Ruder Finn & CSG   The 2019 China Luxury Forecast   2019
BCG   China's DigitalGenerations 2,0 - Digital Media and Commerce go Mainstream   2010
Grantham Institute for Climate Change   China's energy technologies to 2050    
McKinsey   China’s social-media boom   2012
PEW Center on Global Climate change   Coal initiative reports   2010
EY   IFRS for the wind industry   2012
IBM   SCM/SAP Practice in China   2007
EY   Social media strategy, policy and governance   2012
China IPRSME Helpdesk   Technology transfer to China - Guidance for Businesses   2012
US Climate Policy Program   Technology Transfer to China to adress climate change   2009
McKinsey   2012 Annual Chinese Consumer Report From Mass to Mainstream: Keeping Pace With China’s Rapidly Changing Consumers   2012
EY   Capturing Recall Costs   2011
Accenture   China Brand Opportunities - Where they are and how to make the most of them to achieve high performance   2008
Deloitte   China's consumer markets - a closing window of opportunity   2013
Deloitte   China's consumer market - opportunities and risks   2005
Bain & Co   China e-commerce: Heading toward RMB 1.5 trillion   2012
Bain & Co   China Luxury Market Study 2010   2010
Bain & Co   China Luxury Market Study 2011   2011
Bain & Co   China Luxury Study 2012   2012
Bain & Co   Chinesen sind die Luxusshopper der Zukunft   2012
McKinsey   Click-by-click: How consumers are changing China’s e-commerce landscape   2012
McKinsey   Consuming China: How to get ready for the next stage   2012
PwC   Demystifying the online shopper: 10 myths of multichannel retailing   2013
Accenture   eChina - Accenture solutions for e-Commerce in  China   2013
KPMG   Global Reach of China Luxury   2012
Mc Kinsey   Inside China’s hypermarkets: Past and prospects   2013
PwC   Key findings in the retail and consumer goods industry   2011
KPMG   Luxury experiences in China   2012
McKinsey   Luxury Without Borders: China’s New Class of Shoppers Take on the World   2012
McKinsey   Meet the 2020 Chinese Consumer   2013
PwC   2013 Outlook for the retail and consumer products sector in Asia    2013
BCG   Sellig in China    
EY   Spotlight on China   2012
Accenture   Taming the channel complexities of the Chinese consumer market   2012
EY   Transacting in emerging markets   2013
KPMG   The Application of IFRS: Retail companies   2010
BCG   The Keys to the Kingdom - unlocking China's consumer power   2011
McKinsey   The New Frontiers of Growth   2012
KPMG   The Rise of the Middle Class in Asian Emerging Markets   2011
Deloitte   Where is China's manufacturing industry going?   2013
ATKearney   Winning China's Apparel Market   2013
IBM   Winning in China's Mass Markets   2007
Accenture   Winning the heart of the chinese consumer   2013
Deloitte   Winning the wallet of today's Chinese consumers - a look at consumer buying preferences   2012
EY   Working with tobacco companies in the new normal   2010
CIS   Energy and Geopolitics in China   2009
EY   Fraud and corruption in mining and metals   2010
EY   Navigating joint ventures in the oil and gas industry   2012
Worldwatch Institute   Renewable Energy and Efficiency in China   2010
EY   A look inside China’s VAT system   2013
Barclays   China beyond the miracle part 1   2011
Barclays   China beyond the miracle part 3   2011
Booz & Co   China in search of the perfect Deal - Opportuity, Motive and Means?   2009
PwC   China: Tightened enforcement and control over visa rules for foreigners   2013
McKinsey   Choosing where to list your company   2012
Deloitte   Finding a smooth path to repatriate cash and profits from China   2010
KPMG   Global Indirect Tax Brief   2013
KPMG   Harmonising China Free Trade Agreements with bonded zones   2013
EY   Making the right moves   2012
Deloitte   Remote delivery - The China story   2013
McKinsey   Report on private banking in China 2012   2012
Deloitte   Tax issues of establishing and operating a business in China   2006
McKinsey   The changing face of Asian personal financial services   2011
Accenture   Understanding the High Net Worth Market in China   2012
Deloitte   VAT reform in China - the pilot has taken flight   2012
McKinsey   What’s in store for China in 2013?   2012
EY   Appetite for growth   2011
Accenture   China's Beer Indystry - Breaking the growth Bottleneck   2012
RIC   China Drinking Water Industry Report 2009/10   2010
Sustainalytics   China's Food Safety in 2012 - Assessing the increased risks   2012
PwC   China’s war on water scarcity   2013
Canadean Ltd   China Quarterly Beverage Tracker Report Q1 2013   2013
China Briefing   Entering the chinese Food & Beverage market  - The San Gines way   2012
CRS Reports   Food and Agricultural Imports from China   2008
PwC   Food and Beverage industry in China   2012
PEPSICO   Sustainability Report Pepsico Greater China   2011
DuisburgerPapiere   Task Force: Food Security and Food Safety in China   2011
EY   The Contribution made by Beer to the European Economy   2011
Bain & Co   What chinese shoppers really do but will never tell you   2012
McKinsey   A CEO's guide to innovation in China   2012
Bain & Co   China auf dem Weg zur Nummer eins?   2011
Accenture   China rising   2008
EY   China’s productivity imperative   2012
Booz & Co   China - Strategies for the new China landscape   2012
Roland Berger   China will trigger the next management revolution   2010
Deloitte   Emergence of China - new frontiers in outbound M&A   2009
Roland Berger   How China's Industrial Growth will affect the rest of the world   2009
KPMG   Investment in the People’s Republic of China   2011
Booz & Co   Lessons from China - The Importance of Knowledge-based Sourcing in Low-cost countries   2009
Deloitte   Mid-size manufacturers - effectively competing in China   2006
Deloitte   Mergers and Acquisitions - Trends in China   2013
EY   Private equity roundup — China   2012
EY   Rethinking profitable growth: the productivity imperative for foreign multinationals in China   2012
Deloitte   The China Factor - Doing business in China   2012
Roland Berger   The End of the China Cycle?   2011
KPMG   The Future for MNCs in China   2012
KPMG   The gift of a sustainable future   2011
    The new normal of chinese development    
Deloitte   The resurgent dragon - searching for value in troubled times   2012
McKinsey   Three snapshots of Chinese innovation   2012
McKinsey   2011 Urban Sustainability Index   2011
Accenture   Wage increases in China? Should Multinationals rethink their Manufacturing and Sourcing Strategies?   2011
Roland Berger   What does the future hold for private equity in China?   2008
McKinsey   What’s next for China?    
McKinsey   Addressing China's Looming Talent Shortage   2005
Towers Watson   China Human Resource Environment 2012   2009
KPMG   Education in China   2010
CCHDS   Functions and Human Resources of China's Primary Health Care System in the early stage of Health System Reform   2011
EUSMECentre   HR - Challenges in China?    
DDI   Super Human Resources in China?    
McKinsey   Women Matter: An Asian Perspective - Harnessing female talent to raise corporate performance   2012
EY   Cash on prescription   2012
APCO   China's Medical Device and Healthcare IT Industries   2010
US Dept of Commerce   China - Medical Devices market and Healthcare reform   2006
KPMG   Health Care and Life Science in China   2013
IBM   Healthcare in China   2006
WHO   Health insurance systems in China - a briefing note   2010
McKinsey   Healthcare in China - entering uncharted waters   2012
McKinsey   Healthcare in China - entering uncharted waters   2012
CSIS   Implementing Health Care Reform Policies in China   2011
PwC   Invest in an evolving global hospital market   2012
CSIS   Key Issues in China's Health Care Reform   2012
MedTech Switzerland   The People's Republic of China - Market for medical Devices - Opportunities and challenges for Swiss companies   2012
EY   Pulse of the Industry   2012
PUBOL   Reforming Healthcare in China   2012
KPMG   The changing face of Healthcare in China   2010
WHO   Universal Coverage of Health Care in China - Challenges   2010
Export Victoria   China pharmaceutical industry report   2010
PwC   Investing in China's Pharmaceutical Industry 2nd Edition   2009
    Pharma China   2012
KPMG   Poised for the giant leap   2011
Deloitte   Opportunities in China's Pharmaceuticals Market   2011
Elsevier Business Intelligence   The Rise of China - Implications for pharma and pharma librarians   2012
EY   Delivering Sustainable Cost Containment: Insurance Industry Perspective   2012
International Transport Forum   Implementing sustainable urban travel policies in China   2011
PwC   Foreign insurance companies in China 2012   2012
Towers Watson   The Chinese insurance market    
McKinsey   China Luxury Consumer Survey   2012
PwC   Foreign Banks in China Survey   2011
KPMG   Global Reach of China Luxury   2013
Booz & Co   Innovation - China's next advantage?   2012
PwC   Retail and Consumer Goods CEO Survey   2013
PwC   Transportation and Logistics CEO Survey   2013
ATKearney   China's Hospitality Industry   2013
XolaConsulting   Chinese Travellers - Trends for Adventure Companies and Destinations   2008
WTO   Report on urban Tourism Development   2012
BCG   Travel and Tourism in China and Beyond   2011
ATKearney   China's e-Commerce Market - The Logistics Challenges   2011
ATKearney   China 2015 - Transportation and Logistics Strategies   2010
Oxford Economics   Economic Benefits from Air Transport in China   2011
UNDESA   Electric Vehicles in the Context of sustainable Development in China   2011
KPMG   Infrastructure in China   2013
KPMG   Logistics in China - Property and infrastructure   2008
PwC   Logistikmarkt in China - alles All-inclusive?   2011
Accenture   The United States and China - The race to Disruprive Transport Technologies   2011
KPMG   Transport in China - Property and infrastructure   2008
World Transport   Transportation in China   2006
KPMG   On the move in China - the role of transport and logistics in a changing economy   2011
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – JUNE 2013   2013
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – DECEMBER 2013   2013
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – JUNE 2014   2014
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – DECEMBER 2014   2014
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – DECEMBER 2015   2015
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA - AUGUST 2016   2016
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA - DECEMBER 2016   2016
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA – JUNE 2017   2017
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA - DECEMBER 2017   2017
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA - JUNE 2018   2018
Swiss Embassy   ECONOMIC REPORT: CHINA - DECEMBER 2018   2018