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In this Summer issue of The Bridge, we explored the trend of the resurgence in Chinese Luxury Market after a period of sluggish growth. This issue's highlight is an exclusive interview with Rosy Gao, who spearheads the China operations of one of the world's most iconic and sought after watch brands - Patek Philippe and insights shared by three other business leaders from three Swiss luxury brand: IQAir, V-ZUG and Nespresso. In addition we have Swiss Luxury exemplified by a notable contribution by Schindler Villa Lift.

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夏季刊的《桥》杂志探索了中国奢侈品市场在经历缓慢增长之后的复苏趋势。本期杂志将为您带来对瑞士奢侈品行业领先品牌百达翡丽高层Rosy Gao的专访与IQAir、V-ZUG和Nespresso这三大瑞士奢侈品牌领军人物对于奢侈品行业的最新动向的见解。另外,本期杂志中,迅达别墅梯为您呈现瑞士奢侈品的新概念。


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