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Reader's Digest, 29 October - 11 November

Swiss and Chinese Business Related News in Switzerland and China


Swiss Diplomat Upbeat about Shanghai
Published by, 31st October 2016
It has been two years since Alexander Hoffet was appointed Consul General of Switzerland in Shanghai, but he still feels amazed at the city’s speed of construction and social development. Recently, he has an interview with Shanghai Daily. China and Switzerland established Innovative Strategic Partnership established in April. During the state visit of Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann to China, Tsinghua University Science Park signed a memorandum of understanding for cooperation with Switzerland Innovation Park, the coordinating body of the five existing Swiss science parks. Meanwhile, a number of Swiss companies set up their research and development facilities in China and more collaborative activities in the fields of e-commerce, digital payment and big data businesses are currently examined, Hoffet remarked. Of all cooperative projects undertaken by both sides, those in ecological research, environmental science and materials engineering receive priority support from the national science foundations in both countries, he said. The Sino-Swiss low-carbon program has expanded to several Chinese cities, including Jinshan District in Shanghai. November will see an active Swiss presence in Shanghai, the consul general said. The upcoming West Bund Art and Design Fair will showcase avant-garde art projects and have a panel discussion. ShanghART Gallery owned by a Swiss art dealer, Lorenz Helbling, will celebrate its 20th anniversary in November with an exhibition called “Holzwege” meaning wood paths in English. Also, Swiss books will be displayed at the Shanghai International Children’s Book Fair in November. Next year, the 5th Swiss Week will be held in Shanghai in May to promote the culture, education, trade and financial services of Switzerland. The sistership cities of Basel and Shanghai will celebrate their 10th anniversary.

Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland Met with the Canton of Bern’s President Government
Published by, 28th October 2016
On 28 October, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Geng Wenbing paid a visit to the new President of government and Director of financial department of the canton of Bern Ms. Beatrice Simon. President Simon warmly welcomed Ambassador Geng and said that as the seat of Swiss Federal Government, Bern has always been committed to developing good relations with China. In April this year, Switzerland and China established an innovative strategic partnership and Bern is facing better developing opportunities of pragmatic cooperation with China in all areas. Ambassador Geng said that as the strategic partnership between China and Switzerland was deepened, more and more Chinese enterprises and tourists are willing to come to Switzerland and Bern for investment and tourism. The bilateral relations and the development of both sides are more substantial and more profound. The Chinese Embassy in Switzerland would like to actively support the friendly relations and cooperation between Bern and Shanxi, Shenzhen, and make joint efforts to push forward the relations between China and Bern as well as the relations between China and Switzerland.

Chinese Embassy to Switzerland Held Sino-Swiss Economic and Trade Cooperation Seminar
Published by, 28th October 2016
On 25 October, the Chinese Embassy to Switzerland held a Sino-Swiss economic and trade cooperation seminar on “From the Free Trade Agreement to Innovation Partners" in Bern. Chinese Ambassador to Switzerland H.E Geng Wenbing attended the meeting and addressed a speech on Sino-Swiss economic and trade cooperation prospect. Ambassador Geng said that the current Sino-Swiss relations are in a period of rapid and high-quality development, with both sides continuing to strengthen political mutual trust. The signing of the Sino-Swiss FTA and the establishment of innovative strategic partnership for the economic and trade cooperation between China and Switzerland bring more deep and wide-ranging cooperation in many aspects. He expressed the hope that Sino-Swiss entrepreneurs would make more direct, practical and effective efforts to develop mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation. At the meeting, the participants fully affirmed the implementation of the FTA, and exchanged views and suggestions on how to further play the role of FTA, promote two-way investment and innovation cooperation. Around 50 business leaders from Swiss company and associations and Chinese companies who have branch office in Switzerland attended the seminar, including SECO, SCCC, Federation of the Swiss watch industry, Swissmem, Credit Suisse, Swiss Re, Nestlé, Syngenta, ABB, Schindler, Omega, China Construction Bank, Huawei, etc.
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Horasis China Meeting
Published by, 11th November 2016
The 12th Horasis China Meeting took place in Interlaken, Switzerland on 7 and 8 November 2016. The Canton of Bern and the China Federation of Industrial Economics co-hosted the event with Shenzhen as a partner city. In his welcome speech, Christoph Neuhaus, Minister of Justice, Government of the Canton of Bern, Switzerland, stressed the importance of the Swiss core values innovation, specialization and internationalization. The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Switzerland and China which was concluded in 2014 aims at improving mutual market access for goods and services. ‘The FTA had a positive impact on Swiss companies by decreasing import duties,’ said Susanne Ruoff, Chief Executive Officer, Swiss Post, Switzerland. Wu Yijian, Chairman, Ginwa Investments Holding Group, China, added that ‘the FTA provides an opportunity for business growth and allows Chinese firms to remain competitive in a very cost driven environment.’ 300 senior delegates from business and government gave out their knowledge in plenaries and panel sessions. Some of the panels focused on the globalization of Chinese firms, its increasing digitalization moving towards the Internet of Things; inwards investment in China; and its green revolution.

Chinese Company Targeting EPL Team
Published by, 4th November 2016
Chinese firm Lander Sports Development is in exclusive talks with Swiss-based Katharina Liebherr, the owner of the Premier League football club Southampton, to take over the club, according to Bloomberg. The owner has been engaged in talks for several weeks with an agreement yet to be reached, said Bloomberg. The report suggests the deal could be worth as much as 200 million pounds (USD 246.2 million). An unidentified spokesman at Southampton refused to comment when contacted by China Daily. Mark Dreyer, founder of the China Sports Insider website, which tracks trends in China's sport industry, said: "What is particularly interesting about this deal is that Lander Sports, the potential buyer, was originally a real estate company, and then officially changed its name to Lander Sports Development last August.
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West Bund Art & Design Fair
Published by, 1st November 2016
This year nearly 31 leading contemporary galleries from domestic and abroad will participate and bring works from the most dynamic and pioneering artists to the fair. A wave of enthusiasm for contemporary art will have swept over Shanghai by that time. Switzerland will mark its presence at the West Bund Art and Design in several respects: Starting on 8 November, distinguished Swiss speakers will welcome the invited guests at the opening reception and promote Switzerland as a country which not only offers breathtaking landscapes, but also a great variety of art exhibitions and a rich cultural heritage in many prodigious museums. Moreover, supported by Pro Helvetia, there will be a Swiss Pavilion at the West Bund Art and Design Fair which features the ECAL Graphic Design Exhibition, a collection of outstanding art projects by students of the leading Swiss design academy, the University of Art & Design Lausanne.

ShanghART Gallery Grand Opening at West Bund
Published by, 1st November 2016
The ShanghART gallery, which is owned by the Swiss Lorenz Helbling since 1996, is one of the first contemporary art galleries established in China. With spaces in Shanghai, Beijing and Singapore, ShanghART has become one of the China’s most influential art institutions and a vital resource for the development of contemporary art in China. Working closely together with over 40 artists, ShanghART regularly participates in the major international art fairs and collaborates with important art institutions in China and from all over the world. On 9 November, ShangART will not only celebrate its 20th anniversary, but also the inauguration of its new gallery building located in West Bund with a major group exhibition titled Holzwege (or Wood Paths). The exhibition serves as a retrospection of the gallery’s role and contribution to the development of Chinese contemporary art, and at the same time looks ahead to the future of exciting collaborations with emerging Chinese artists and international artists. In the exhibition, ShanghART will showcase works by renowned Chinese artists such as Zeng Fanzhi, Ding Yi, Zhang Enli, Yang Fudong and Xu Zhen, alongside works by emerging artists from China as well as overseas artists. Each work stands on its own, and yet the theme of the exhibition resonates through all of them, as each artist expresses his/her own way of finding the ‘Holzweg’.
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First Swiss UAS Delegation on Health Care in China
Published by, 31st October 2016
Comparing to the past, people are enjoying longer healthy life expectancies as the living standard has been greatly improved. Consequently we are witnessing a larger ageing population. Facing this issue, how can we help to make their senior life better? With the fast development of science and technology, the application of its achievement on “Healthy Ageing” has given us an answer. On the topic of “Healthy Ageing”, a delegation of experts from various universities of applied sciences in Switzerland is having a study trip in China, Japan and Korea. Concerning the programs in China, there are mainly 2 parts, Beijing part and Shanghai part. The healthy ageing study trip in China started with a workshop at the WHO China office in Beijing. On the occasion of a delegation visit from Swiss universities of applied sciences consisting of experts in the area of ageing, the Embassy of Switzerland in China then organized a panel discussion and reception with respective Chinese colleagues on the Topic: The Future of Ageing in Switzerland and China: Trends, Challenges and Opportunities. During their stay in Shanghai, they’ve had 3 events, namely, Welcome Dinner on Oct. 19th, Workshop at swissnex and Campus Visit & Roundtable Discussion at Novartis on 20 October as well as Field Trip in Suzhou on 21 October.
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Engineering / Manufacturing

Biotech Leader Continues Fast Innovation
Published by, 11th November 2016
Global biotechnology company Roche Group is committed to driving innovation forward in China, which offers a market of 1.3 billion people. With its research and development capabilities in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics, the company has positioned itself to promote personalized healthcare and contribute to China's precision medicine initiatives. Roche's CEO Severin Schwan shared his insights with China Daily reporter Wang Hongyi. As a world-leading biotechnology company, Roche is very much led by science and driven by innovation. Roche leads the industry with advances in personalized healthcare and our strong oncology portfolio. R&D receives a greater share of our spending than marketing. The focus of innovation center is very much aligned with the diseases that have a high unmet medical need in China, such as Hepatitis B, which is one of the most prominent diseases in the country. They hope the new innovation center will spur collaboration between Roche and local research institutions, helping to attract top research talents from both China and overseas.

ABB Wins USD 40 Million Order to Enable Power Link in South China
Published by, 2nd November 2016
ABB has won an order of over $40 million to provide advanced power equipment to the 800 kilovolt (kV) Dianxibei-Guangdong ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission link. The project, operated by China Southern Power Grid Company Limited, one of the country’s two major grid operators, is expected to transmit 5,000 megawatts (MW) of power over a distance of more than 1,950 kilometers. The order was booked in the third quarter of 2016. The link will transmit clean hydro-power from Yunnan province in southwestern China to the Pearl River Delta region in Guangdong, one of the most densely urbanized regions in the world and a major economic and manufacturing hub of China. The link has the capacity to meet the annual power consumption needs of over 10 million people based on average per capita national consumption. It will also help the region to significantly reduce coal consumption and mitigate carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide emissions.

ChemChina Extends Syngenta Offer after EU Launches Probe
Published by, 1st November 2016
China's state-owned chemical corporation (ChemChina) said Tuesday that it had extended its USD 43 billion offer for Swiss seed giant Syngenta until January 5, after EU regulators announced they would probe the deal. The massive takeover would be the biggest in a recent spate of Chinese overseas acquisitions and has drawn considerable attention from global regulators. The ChemChina-Syngenta pact has been cleared by the United States and Japan, but on Friday the European Commission opened an in-depth investigation into the 40-billion-euro deal. "Extensions to the tender offers are expected to occur until all conditions to the offers are satisfied, including obtaining all applicable regulatory approvals," ChemChina said in a statement. The terms of the deal "remain unchanged", it added. The 5 January extension looked set to be another stop-gap as Brussels has said its probe will run until mid-March.
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Bank / Finance / Insurance

Credit Suisse Expands China Presence as Foreign Banks Retrench
Published by, 7th November 2016
Credit Suisse AG is broadening its business in China, a move that puts the Swiss investment bank at odds with foreign rivals, some of which are reconsidering their China relationship after decades of slow growth and regulatory setbacks. The bank announced 2 November that it will open an onshore securities brokerage through Credit Suisse Founder Securities, a joint venture in which Credit Suisse retains a 33.3% ownership stake. The brokerage will operate in the Qianhai free trade zone in Shenzhen, and will count both Chinese and foreign institutional investors as clients. The Swiss Bank is ramping up its China brokerage business on anticipation of greater onshore demand from the extension of the Shanghai-Hong Kong stock trading link to Shenzhen and in the future, other markets. The possible inclusion of Chinese A shares in MSCI's widely followed global emerging markets index would also drive foreign business to Credit Suisse. With last week's announcement, Credit Suisse joins Goldman Sachs and UBS as the only foreign banks with brokerage capabilities in China.

UBS Invests in China and India Back Offices
Published by, 1st November 2016
UBS has opened another business solution center in China and is also investing in a new service center in India. UBS opened the business solution center in Wuxi, according to a UBS statement seen by It is the third location for back and middle office functions in China – the other two such operations centers are based in Beijing and Shanghai. Switzerland's biggest bank has business solution centers in China, India, Poland and the U.S. The geographic spread helps the bank provide services around the clock.

Swiss Re Reinsures Guangdong Prefectures Against Natural Disaster Risk
Published by, 28th October 2016
Swiss Re has entered into an agreement as sole reinsurer to protect seven prefectures of Guangdong province, China, in partnership with local insurers led by the People's Insurance Company of China (PICC) in 2016. The pilot helps protect China's most prominent economic hub against the financial impacts of natural disaster risk and the first payout was already triggered after super-typhoon Haima made landfall in the city Shanwei on 21 October 2016. The program will be rolled out in a total 10 prefectures by the end of this year. The pilot program offers insurance cover for a maximum value of USD 350 million, and is expected to be adjusted and renewed annually. It uses rainfall and tropical cyclone wind speed indices to trigger policy claims, ensuring fast payout. This is the second pilot programme to protect the balance sheets of provincial governments in China against the economic impacts of major disasters. It complements the previously announced reinsurance protection scheme in Heilongjiang province, announced on 3 August 2016 this year, which focuses primarily on poor rural communities. Swiss Re developed both programs in response to the Chinese Central Government's imperative to build a Disaster Insurance System. The schemes could serve as a model to insure other provinces in the country.
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Hospitality / Tourism / Retails

LMEshield to Launch in People's Republic of China
Published by, 1st November 2016
The London Metal Exchange (LME) and Henry Bath (whose shareholders include CMST Development Co Ltd and Mercuria Energy Group) today announce a pilot programme for the launch of the LMEshield commodities safeguarding system in the People's Republic of China (PRC). During the pilot programme, which will run for a period of one year, Henry Bath will issue receipts on the LMEshield system. Receipts will initially be issued for bonded warehouses in Shanghai, with the intention of expanding to other Chinese locations. The LME has selected Henry Bath as its pilot partner because, together with its shareholders CMST and Mercuria, it is in a position to have undertaken the necessary work to ensure that LMEshield can be deployed effectively in the PRC. As the leading Chinese state-owned warehousing company, CMST, together with Mercuria, is ideally-positioned to help Henry Bath to sponsor the rollout of LMEshield into the PRC.
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Legal / Trade / Consulting / Services

Visual Coherence - How to Create a Strong Corporate Visual Identity for Your Business
Published by, 31st October 2016
The corporate visual identity includes all visible elements related to a brand. It is one of the main pillars of a company’s corporate identity. Other pillars, for example, are corporate communication, corporate philosophy or corporate behavior. However, 5 Star Plus Retail Design are experts in creating a corporate visual identity. In the following paragraphs they will define what corporate visual identity exactly is and explain the key elements of a coherent design. Also, we picked out a few inspiring visual identity design concepts. Generally, VI includes the presentation and style of all communication tools that are being used. Whether the style is romantic, classic or modern, a compelling logo is essential. It is a brand’s most important visual element. In the next step, at least 2 corporate colors should be chosen. As a final step, make sure that typography matches your brand name, design, colors and most importantly, transports the message you want to communicate. Corporate visual identity is only one piece of the puzzle of a company’s overall appearance but its influence is tremendous. An inappropriate visual identity can destroy the image of a brand. A good visual identity underlines professionalism and gives businesses a significant competitive advantage.

After-Sales Services of SMEs in China
Published by, 31st October 2016
sim released a report these days about after-sales services of SMEs in China. It explored the significance of After-Sales Services for Swiss SME, the challenges for Swiss SME to operate After-Sales Services in the Chinese market and some advice for Swiss SMEs to run after-sales services in China. Swiss industrial SME are known not only for the high quality and advanced technology of their machinery and equipment, but also for their impeccable after-sales services. However, the profitable offering of after-sales services remains a challenge for Swiss SME operating in the Chinese market with its high degree of complexity and competition. The Chinese market runs fast and cash-driven, which leaves little room for service offerings. Maintenance is only done when absolutely necessary, and in many cases the products and spare parts are simply run down and replaced thereafter. Services are still deemed to be part of the machine-purchase, and hence are expected from the supplier and cannot really be charged for. An increasing number of Swiss SME is therefore struggling with their after-sales services business in China. In summary, given the size, complexity and dynamics of the Chinese market, many SME are in need to find a pragmatic and cost-efficient solution for their after-sales service offerings in China. As long as the density of the installed machine base does not allow running the after-sales services business profitably, it makes little sense for an SME to build up a costly local servitization infrastructure in China. Rather should the cooperation with a reliable service partner be considered. And within those options, the ASM Hub fulfills in our opinion best the needs and qualitatively high service levels of Swiss SMEs.

sim Collaborates with ZHAW and Swiss SME China to Build Up the Competence Center China
Published by, 28th October 2016
The Competence Center China (CCC) for Swiss SME is an initiative of ZHAW School of Business and Law, Swiss SME China (the China Representation of the Swiss SME Association) and sim (selective international management) Group. It is the first and only topic- and case-based center that exists to date in the Sino-Swiss business environment. By focusing on present and future business issues that particularly Swiss SMEs are facing during their business undertakings in China, the CCC provides you with concrete, pragmatic, experience-based information & services to assist your business in China. Through the collaboration of academia and on-site consultancy with many years of experience in the Chinese market, our center is perfectly positioned to gather and provide you with up-to-date business insights and valuable problem solutions.
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