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Reader's Digest, 18 - 30 April

Swiss and Chinese Business Related News in Switzerland and China


Switzerland Looking for Mutual Benefit with Guizhou
Published by China Daily, 27th April 2015
Back in July 2013, when China's President Xi Jinping met with the President of Switzerland Ueli Maurer in Beijing, Xi explained that the natural conditions of China's Guizhou province are similar to those of Switzerland and he hoped the two could cooperate in ecological and economic development, and now it seems that Switzerland and colorful Guizhou are on a cooperative journey. Switzerland has a reputation for being the greenest country in the world, with a green, circular, low-carbon economy, and although it's far from Guizhou, it has a connection with the mountainous province, with similarities in geology, nature, folk culture, and environment. And EFG forum and Sino-Swiss dialogues have become a means of communication not just between Guizhou and the Swiss but between China's interior and developed countries in Europe. Guiyang's Free Trade Zone and Gui'an Sino-Swiss industrial zone show bright prospects for cooperation with Switzerland and more Swiss enterprises are expected to invest in Guizhou, while Guizhou will use its Sino-Swiss dialogues to develop a Chinese and Swiss clean energy technology center and an environmental protection industrial base.
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Fujian FTZ to Push Forward Another Round Of Reform
Published by China Daily, 24th April 2015
On the morning of 21 April, Su Shulin, Fujian’s governor, said at the launch ceremony that the Fujian FTZ will continue openness and reform. The main task for the Fujian FTZs is to explore new development models for cross-Straits exchanges, accelerate institutional reform and offer advanced experience for other regions nationwide. The Fujian FTZ covers 118.04 square kilometers, with three parks including Fuzhou, Xiamen and Pingtan. Beda Bischof, a senior patent expert of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property, said that the new rules will attract medium-and-small enterprises in Switzerland, and the new rules in business need to enter the legislative process.

Chinese Companies in Switzerland
Published by, 23rd April 2015
Published by Esther Kessler, Markus Prandini and Wu Juan, Chinese Companies in Switzerland is aimed to contribute to the existing literature by examining Chinese enterprises expanding into Switzerland. The study also allows some conclusions for Chinese companies entering Central and Eastern Europe. They analyze via interviews the motivations of Chinese companies to expand into Switzerland as well as their behaviour and the impediments in their internationalization process. The findings show that Chinese companies fail to take advantage of certain benefits of western economies (such as open information and stable rule of law). To move forward efficiently, they should develop competence in dealing systematically with readily available market information, building professional networks that recognize a separation between business life and personal life, and managing their Chinese and foreign employees in the foreign cultural environment. 

Swiss Gold Exports Show Asia Buying More as Investors Sell Bars
Published by, 23rd April 2015
Gold exports to China from the refining hub of Switzerland almost doubled to 46.4 metric tons in March, the most among monthly data starting in January 2014, according to the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. Shipments to India more than doubled to 72.5 tons as imports from the U.K. climbed sixfold. That’s an indication that gold bars are leaving U.K. vaults for Switzerland, where they’re refined and sent to Asia. India and China, the biggest buyers, boosted purchases in 2013 when investors dumped the metal amid the biggest price rout in three decades. Global sales from gold-backed funds totaled 55.7 tons in March, the most since 2013, data compiled by Bloomberg show.
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Swiss Week Shanghai 2015
Published by, 24th April 2015
After the success of the past two editions, this year the third edition of the Swiss Week Shanghai will be part of the celebrations of the 65th anniversary of bilateral relations between Switzerland and the People’s Republic of China. The Swiss village will be located at Huaihuai Park, in the hearth of Shanghai, where more than twenty Swiss brands and companies are expected to join and sell their products including food, beverages, consumer electronics   and consumers and professional equipment. Cultural performances, exhibitions and events will be organized during the Swiss Week to offer everyone the opportunity to discover and learn about Swiss culture, its music, traditions and innovative spirit. Visitors will also be invited to relax at the Swiss Café which will offer a selection of Swiss products. Come to celebrate with us the Sino-Swiss friendship at the Swiss Week and discover a bit of Switzerland in Shanghai! 

Capital Museum Holds Swiss Watchmaking Exhibition
Published by China Daily, 27th April 2015
The exhibition Geneva at the Heart of Time - The Origin of Swiss Watchmaking Culture is now underway at the Capital Museum in Beijing. 350 timepieces, as well as tools, clock mechanism and equipment are on display. Along with the watchmaking and enameling collections of the Geneva Museum of Art and History, one of the most important watch and clock collections in the world, the exhibits also include the most exclusive collections of Manufacture Vacheron Constantin, one of the major players in watchmaking history. There is also a reconstruction of an 18th century Geneva watchmaking workshop, based on a painting by Christophe François von Ziegler kept at the Geneva Museum of Art and History.

Lift China 2015
Published by, 23rd April 2015
After the first successful Lift China in 2014, swissnex China will co-organize the second edition of Lift China with Lift from 16 June to 21 June. Held in Shanghai, Lift China will bring together innovators, entrepreneurs, artists and pioneers from China and abroad to exchange on digital technologies. This one-day event features inspiring talks, interactive masterclasses and workshops, as well as an exhibition. The conference will end with a Swiss-Chinese Innovation Night, an evening event features a combination of Swiss and Chinese innovators and their inventions. These up-and-coming entrepreneurs, artists, researchers and young professionals will demonstrate the power of their state-of-the-art projects while the others sip on a refreshing cocktail.
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Ping-Pong Museum Moving to Shanghai
Published by China Daily, 27th April 2015
All 6,000 items at the Museum of the International Table Tennis Federation have been moved from Lausanne, Switzerland, to Shanghai. The sport's new museum will be inside the World Expo Garden on the west bank of the Huangpu River. It is expected to open in July 2017, Chen Peijie, president of Shanghai Sports Academy, said on Saturday at the opening ceremony of the collection's exhibition in Suzhou. Items on show include the earliest ping-pong bats that feature paintings of ladies in gowns, which were made of sheep skin in the 19th century, and the earliest balls, which were made of cotton.

Swiss Airplane Solar Impulse Lands in Nanjing
Published by, 21st April 2015
Solar Impulse 2, the zero-fuel aircraft conceived in Switzerland, completed its sixth leg of the round-the-world flight, and landed at the Nanjing Lukou International Airport on Tuesday night, 21 April at 23:28, 17 hours 22 minutes after it took off from Chongqing. The single-seater airplane, with energy generated by the 17,000 solar cells built in its wings, left the Chongqing Jiabei International Airport at 6:06am, Tuesday. Navigated by co-founder and pilot Bertrand Piccard, it flew a total distance of 1,241 kilometers.
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Engineering / Manufacturing

Amberg and PPURA Win the Export Award 2015
Published by, 24th April 2015
PPURA Sagl and Amberg Technologies demonstrate how complex export projects can be put impeccably into practice. With clever marketing in Germany’s tough retail trade and thanks to precision technology, PPURA and Amberg Technologies – who have been awarded the Export Award 2015 as part of the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment from Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) – have profited from China’s rising middle class and their evolving transportation needs. The Export Award showcases successful internationalization of Swiss and Liechtenstein companies and provides visibility for their excellent positioning in the global economy. Among other things, the winning projects serve as inspiration for other companies and their export projects. The winners are selected by a nine-member panel of independent figures from the worlds of business, science and media in Switzerland.

Local Students Head to China for Global Schindler Award
Published by, 24th April 2015
A group of New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) students and their professor are headed to Shenzhen, China after their entry was selected as one of 12 finalists for the Global Schindler Award. The 2015 award, sponsored by Schindler, a leading global manufacturer of elevators and escalators, called on top architecture and design students from around the world to present outstanding mobility design concepts for a preselected project site in Shenzhen.

ABB Corporate Research Center in China Celebrates 10th Anniversary
Published by, 23rd April 2015
ABB celebrated the 10th anniversary of the ABB Corporate Research Center in China with experts and scholars from Chinese research institutions and universities on 23 April. As one of ABB’s seven major R&D centers worldwide, ABB Corporate Research Center in China was launched in early 2005. In Beijing and Shanghai, it includes a power electronics laboratory, a material and insulation laboratory, a processing laboratory, an environment laboratory, and a mechatronics laboratory. The center is focusing on power and automation research in renewables integration, outdoor insulation, small parts assembly and other areas. To date, ABB Corporate Research Center in China has applied for nearly 200 international patents and played a leading role in the research and innovation of fields such as machinery, controls, materials and power electronics.

Novartis: Unlocking the Promise of Innovation
Published by, 18th April 2015
Novartis expects China to play key role in its global development plans and drug research program. For Joseph Jimenez, chief executive officer of Novartis AG, making a visit to China is an opportunity to seek ways to participate in the country's ongoing economic transition and shape the multinational pharmaceutical corporation's future strategy. China is contributing an increasing share to Novartis' global business. "Five years ago, China was in the top 20. Now it is in the top 10, and in five years, it is going to be in the top three," Jimenez said. In particular, Jimenez said, the Novartis Shanghai research and development center, officially named as Novartis Institutes for BioMedical Research (China), which is to complete the first phase of its construction later this year, will serve as a perfect meeting point of the company's global vision and China's pledge of a consistent open policy in its economic transition.
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Bank / Finance / Insurance

UBS, BNP among Bidders for China's Postal Savings Bank's Pre-IPO Stake
Published by, 22nd April 2015
UBS, Singapore's Temasek Holdings, and French bank BNP Paribas are among half a dozen preliminary bidders to buy up to a 10% stake in state-owned Postal Savings Bank of China (PSBC) for at least USD 3 billion, people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Wednesday. China's biggest bank by outlets, PSBC has about 40,000 branches, and a strategic partnership could help foreign banks sell insurance and banking products to China's vast population. PSBC is preparing for an initial public offering next year, which could rise around USD 25 billion - the record for an IPO set last year by Alibaba Group Holding Ltd - China Daily reported in February. The pre-IPO stake sale is a stepping stone that would set a valuation benchmark for that offering.
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Hospitality / Tourism / Retails

Nestlé Research Refuels Intrepid Pilots as Solar Impulse Makes Stopover in China
Published by China Daily, 22nd April 2015
Solar Impulse, the world's first attempt to circumnavigate the globe in a solar powered aircraft is underway and make a stopover in Nanjing on Wednesday. Nestlé Research is providing the pilots of the plane with specially designed and personalized food, sustaining them on their mission around the world. Solar Impulse is a pioneering aircraft which can fly long distances powered only by the sun. The two pilots are consuming a diet entirely researched, developed and supplied by Nestlé providing them with the optimal nutrition. The flight began in Abu Dhabi, UAE, on Monday March 9thand the plane is set to make a stopover in Nanjing. During this time, the Solar Impulse team will prepare the pilots for the next leg of their flight, including replenishing food and drink supplies according to the guidance supplied by Nestlé.

Nestlé Unit Gets its Feet 'WET' with Water Conservation Program in Primary Schools
Published by China Daily, 12th April 2015
The latest stage of an education campaign aimed at protecting water sources has been officially launched in Shanghai by a local charity and food giant Nestle SA, as part of the company's global Project WET initiative. Under the theme of "Water and Sustainable Development", the campaign will be organized by Shanghai Water Protection Foundation, Little Master News School and Nestle Waters. It will include games associated with water knowledge and activities being held in primary schools to encourage students to get involved in wider water conservation and protection efforts. So far, Project WET has involved 600 primary schools and over 550,000 students across China since being first piloted in Shanghai in early 2010. A year later saw the creation of a Project WET environmental protection classroom as part of the Swiss Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo Park. In another water initiative by the company, thousands of empty drinks bottles were collected by Shanghai Municipal Education Institute.
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Legal / Trade / Consulting / Services

“Responsible Entrepreneurship” Launching Ceremony & Seminar
Published by, 24th April 2015
On 22 April 2015, the University of International Business and Economics (UIBE), Rothlin Ltd. and the China Trade Institute (CTI) launched their collaborative MOOC on “Responsible Entrepreneurship on UIBE’s School of Distance Education (eUIBE) platform! This memorable day was celebrated with a Launching Ceremony & Seminar that held in attendance many distinguished guests, including Shi Jianjun, President of UIBE, Dr. Irene Giner-Reichl, Ambassador of Austria for China and Mongolia, Mrs. Salome Meyer, Minister of the Embassy of Switzerland, Dr. Stephan Rothlin, CEO of Rothlin Ltd., Zhu Rui, President of the China Association for Women Entrepreneurs, William Valentino, Corporate Social Responsibility Professor at Tsinghua University and many more. The event was hosted by Prof. Men Ming, Dean of the School of Distance Education at UIBE and Dr. Stephan Rothlin. “Responsible Entrepreneurship” is divided into two separate yet complementary parts. Part one focuses on creating a comprehensive business plan while part two focuses on fundamental ethical principles, traditions and approaches as implemented in entrepreneurial environments.

New Chinese Regulation on Outbound Payments Affects Swiss Multinationals
Published by, 22nd April 2015
The Chinese State Administration of Taxation (SAT) recently issued a public notice regarding certain corporate income tax matters on outbound payments to overseas related parties (SAT Public Notice [2015] No.16, hereinafter referred to as Public Notice 16). The SAT office released its interpretation of Public Notice 16 (SAT´s Interpretation) the next day, through its official website. According to this new regulation, outbound payments, service fees or royalties to overseas related parties will not be deductible for corporate income tax (CIT), if they do not meet a few criteria outlined in Public Notice 16. It also states that the payments should follow the arm’s length principle, and addresses substance and documentation requirements. We believe that Public Notice 16 reflects SAT´s efforts to protect its tax base and demonstrates China´s support of the overall BEPS initiatives with local implementation of measures imposed on Chinese enterprises. Substance and documentary evidence are likely to be key issues on which there will be vigorous debates on interpretation involving taxpayers and tax administrations.

Top 5 Worst Case Scenarios when Opening a Store in China
Published by, 14th April 2015
Even in China's most developed cities like Beijing and Shanghai problems can and will occur frequently. If you choose to go to second or third tier cities, certain situations will become even more complex and harder to solve. What can you do to avoid any unexpected scenarios and make sure that your new flagship store or boutique opens as planned? Here is the top 5 list of possible worst case scenarios happening on a day by day basis, developed by 5 Star Plus Retail Design, specialized in interior design in the branded design of retail stores.
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