• Published by China Daily, 08th Mar 2013 in category Engineering / Manufacturing in English

    ABB China, the Chinese unit of the Swiss-Swedish multinational engineering company ABB Ltd, registered stable annual sales growth in 2012, despite difficult local industrial conditions. In a financial statement issued on 6th March, the company said sales in China grew by 2% to USD 5.2 billions, which it put down to the country's ongoing infrastructure program as well as surging exports to neighboring countries. 

    However, officials said the past year had been a tough one for the group. CompetingwithcompaniessuchasSiemensAG, ABBsawitsgroupprofitinthethirdquarterdropby 4 percentto $759 million, comparedwithanaverageanalystforecastfor $764 million, accordingtoaReuterspoll. StrongdemandinChinainthefourthquarter, however, helpedthegroupbeatquarterlyforecasts, sendingitssharestooneoftheirhighestpointsin 18
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    The Swiss Government awards various postgraduate and postdoctoral scholarships to Chinese scholars, researchers and artists. These scholarships provide graduates from all fields with the opportunity to pursue doctoral or postdoctoral research in a public University, a public teaching and research institute or a University of applied sciences. Students who intend to apply for a Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship 2014/2015 are kindly reminded that in Mainland China the application period will be open between March 1st and March 20th 2013. All applications are managed by the Chinese Scholarship Council. 

    For application guidelines log on:, choose “Switzerland” from the scroll down bar and check “Exchange scholarship with Switzerland”. You will be able to see a variety of other scholarship opportunities offered by CSC which can be used for studying in Switzerland. Mrs. YANG Ye at the Chinese Scholarship Council (+86 10 66093932) is the Swiss scholarship program
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    Qoros makes its public debut as a Chinese car company aiming to start with the best level of German quality to shorten brand development by a decade. Qoros, which was formed four years ago, expects to skip the early steps of that progression by starting with real cars, the first of which, the Qoros 3 sedan, is being introduced at the auto show at Geneva.

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    How much is the “Made in Switzerland” marque worth to consumers increasingly vigilant about the provenance of everything from what they eat to what they wear? The answer, luxury watchmakers say, is “a lot”. Protecting the label is essential to the industry’s image, profitability and future growth, many luxury watchmakers say, and studies by St. Gallen and Zurich universities do show the tag can almost double a luxury watch’s price. Swiss luxury watchmakers welcomed proposed legislation tightening the use of the ‘Made in Switzerland’ marque, saying the current law means that watches produced almost entirely in China can be sold legally as ‘Swiss Made’. 

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    Hu Renyi’s paintings capture the affinities between the architecture and the classical gardens of his native city, Suzhou, and his memories of growing up at a time when he could absorb tradition, history and the accelerated changes that were taking place.  Rather than sink into melodramatic nostalgia, the artist invites us inside the subtle eurythmy between the earth and the sky. interviewed Hu Renyi at the School of Visual Arts in New York.  The interview focused on his paintings and their relationship to architecture and landscape.  

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    Swiss and other foreign companies may enter into the Chinese market through legal entities or non-legal entities. Swiss Business Hub in China compiles a guide in which those different entities are explained. Legal entities that can be set up by foreign investors, so called Foreign Invested Enterprises (FIE) generally include wholly foreign-owned enterprises (WFOEs), equity joint ventures (EJVs), co-operative joint ventures (CJVs) and joint stock companies. Non-legal entities include representative offices (ROs) and branches.

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    Hong Kong, as a springboard to mainland China has been enhanced since the Mainland and Hong Kong Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement (CEPA) was signed on 29 June 2003. For Swiss SMEs, when China could seem a too big of a market to consume, they can first land in Hong Kong, the best gateway to mainland China.There are over 70 foreign law firms in Hong Kong, Swiss SMEs can receive professional advices from them as well as to better understand the laws and regulations in China.

  • Published by China Daily, 04th Mar 2013 in category Hospitality / Tourism / Retail in English

    Tmall, a major Chinese online shopping platform, will cooperate with overseas baby formula companies to sell their products to Chinese consumers online. Tmall will open official online flagship stores for six baby formula brands under French Groupe Danone and Swiss Nestle. Domestic buyers should be confident in purchasing those imported milk products.

  • Published by 24 heures, 04th Mar 2013 in category Hospitality / Tourism / Retail in English

    Chinese tourists, the new godsend for the Swiss tourism, choose in priority Lucerne as their destination to buy watches. According to figures released by the Tourism Office of Lucerne, "30% of Chinese tourists  in Switzerland come to Lucerne, making it the first destination for these tourists" said Marcel Perren, Head of the Tourism Office. The number of nights spent by Chinese Mainland tourists in Lucerne rose by 17% last year to 95'438. Considering the hotels around the lake, the number rises to 224'728 overnight stays (a 20.3% increase).

  • Published by Financial Times, 01st Mar 2013 in category Engineering / Manufacturing in English

    Glencore and Xstrata have extended the deadline for closing their long-awaited, USD 80 billions tie-up to form one of the world’s top natural resources groups, scrapping March 15 as a target due to continuing discussion with Chinese authorities. The world's largest commodities trading house and the mining company updated the market about a new target on March 5, when they released their annual results. Observers say the discussions with Beijing could take at least another one to two months based on the experience of previous big takeovers.