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    Shanghai Pharmaceuticals Holding Co. is exploring further acquisitions after it beat out global buyout firms to buy Cardinal Health Inc.’s Chinese distribution business in a USD 1.2 billion deal. The state-owned drugmaker is scouting for purchases of pharmaceutical manufacturing assets overseas, David Liu, head of mergers and acquisitions at Shanghai Pharma, said in an interview on 15 November. Shanghai Pharma is interested in deals related to specialty drugs, including treatments for cancer and cardiovascular conditions, as well as branded generics, Liu said. Shanghai Pharma is looking for further acquisitions in the U.S., as well as some European countries including Germany and Switzerland, he said. The company would like to sell Shanghai Pharma products overseas and also wants to bring in more foreign pharmaceutical products to sell in China, according to Liu.“After the 19th Party Congress, President Xi has put in place a lot of attention on health care. There’s a lot of support from the central government and Shanghai government,” he said. “This can be an advantage against private enterprises.”

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    On 2 November 2017, the Chinese Embassy and the Society of Switzerland-China hosted a reception on the 19th Party Congress of CCP and the Sino-Swiss relations in Bern. The Ambassador GENG Wenbing, Mr. Thomas Wagner, the president of the Society of Switzerland-China and the Ambassador Johannes Matyassy took part in this and held an address. In addition, more than 140 guests were present, including people from the fields of politics, business, culture, research, etc., former Swiss diplomats who worked in China, members of the Chinese Association of Science and Technology Switzerland and all members of the embassy.


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    China legal Report is a monthly collection of Chinese law related news gathered from various media and news services, edited by Wenfei Attorney-at-law LTD. This time, you will read three useful news concerning “China 4th Judicial Interpretation on PRC Company Law”, “Announcement of the State Administration of Taxation on the Record-filing of Tax Exemption of Cross-border Taxable Activities and Other Value-added Tax Issues” and “Action Plan for Better Protecting Foreign-invested Enterprises’ IPRs in China”.

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    PwC released its latest China Banking Newsletter - Review and Outlook of China’s Banking Industry in the First Half of 2017.  The report indicates that Chinese listed banks are entering a period of stability. Further, it shows that net profit of Chinese listed banks maintained growth in the first half of this year, albeit at a slightly slower pace than the same period last year. Additionally, both the non-performing loan ratio and overdue loan ratio declined. PwC’s Banking Newsletter covers the financial results of the first half of the year for 39 A-share and/or H-share listed banks, published by the end of June, 2017. The report follows China Banking Regulatory Commission’s categories which include six Large Commercial Banks, nine Joint-Stock Commercial Banks, 16 City Commercial Banks and eight Rural Commercial Banks. According to the report, Chinese listed banks chalked up a net profit of RMB 849.72 billion in the first half of 2017, marking a year-on-year increase of 4.50%. The pace of growth slowed down slightly compared with the same period in 2016. Both the overall return on assets (ROA) and return on equity (ROE) declined. Except for Large Commercial Banks, the overall ROA of other listed banks has reduced significantly to below 1%. According to the report, by the end of June 2017, the value of outstanding non-performing loans had reached RMB 1.3 trillion, up 4.24% from the end of 2016. The non-performing loan ratio was 1.60%, down 0.05% from the end of 2016. Also, the NPL and the special-mention loan ratios of listed banks in all categories dropped from the end of 2016. The upward trend could be indicative of credit risk yet to be fully exposed and consequently, should be observed closely.

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    Nestlé released their nine-month sales report on 19 October. Mark Schneider, Nestlé CEO said, “Our sales results for the nine-month period are in line with our expectations communicated in July. Organic sales growth continued to benefit from industry-leading volume growth, which illustrates our ability to innovate and meet consumer demand. Pricing remained soft. Zone Asia, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa saw further improvement in organic growth. As expected, Western Europe returned to positive organic growth, with significant contributions from coffee and confectionery. Improving our efficiency is a key priority. We have identified further opportunities to accelerate our margin improvement, leading to a further increase in restructuring and related expenses in 2017. Consequently, we now expect our trading operating profit margin to decrease by 40-60 basis points. The development of our underlying trading operating profit margin is fully in line with our expectations for 2017.” According to the report, growth in China continued to improve in the third quarter with positive momentum across the portfolio, particularly in coffee and culinary.

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    A research report released recently by UBS recognized the innovation development of China in past five years, and predicts that China will become a global innovation powerhouse thanks to improved education quality, input in research and development and policy support to innovation, Economic Daily reported on 10 October. The current economic model of China is seeking a rapid transition from "Made in China" to "Created in China", and China is expected to rule the technology realm in various fields. China has been growing fast in education, the report said. China sees 2.8 million graduates majoring in science and engineering every single year, which is five times compared to the U.S.. The proportion of science and engineering graduates per 1,000 people in 2015 is also five times compared to 2005.According to the QS world university ranking, the average score of top three Chinese universities has exceeded that of German universities. China is narrowing down the gap of academic performance with the U.S. and increasing the advantage over European countries. China has moved up five places in the ranking list from five years ago. The report also said that China has shown increasing investment in scientific research investment and financing. Input in research and development in China today takes up more share of GDP than the UK. Meanwhile, the government has stipulated the goal in the 13th Five-Year Plan that the ratio of R&D input in GDP must reach 2.5% by 2020. Therefore, UBS predicts that China is likely to surpass the U.S. in terms of the overall scale of research and development investment by 2019.

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    Baidu Inc's iQiyi, a Netflix style video streaming service in China, has picked three banks to help arrange a U.S. initial public offering (IPO) worth about USD 1 billion, IFR reported on 16 October, citing people familiar with the plans. Bank of America, Credit Suisse and Goldman Sachs will help manage the deal, expected for as soon as the first half of 2018, added IFR, a Thomson Reuters publication. Baidu and the three banks did not immediately reply to Reuters requests for comment on the IPO plans.

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    At a demonstration at the Computing Conference hosted by Alibaba Cloud, ABB’s YuMi robot showcased the process of making a cafe latté while displaying real-time process data on the screen, helping visitors experience the magic of ABB’s smart technology. Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, is China’s largest public cloud service provider and the third largest worldwide. At the exhibition themed “Industrial Brain”, ABB's intelligent coffee making robot demo became a center of attention. YuMi can accurately complete the whole process from taking a coffee cup, pouring the milk, making latte and finally passing the tasty coffee to visitors. This is made possible by its flexible hands, camera-based part location, lead-through programming, and state-of-the-art precise motion control. This cutting edge technology wowed the crowd, as did the ability of the YuMi robot to work closely with people without safety barriers. YuMi was programmed to create the lattes by a process called ‘lead through programming’. The robot’s arms were guided through each step in the process while its movements were recorded. This teaching method is faster and more intuitive than programming each individual movement with complex software, making YuMi more appealing to small and medium businesses. The final precise movements are then synchronized in ABB’s RobotStudio to ensure a flawless – and flavorful – performance.


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    Many SMEs enter the Chinese market by working together with a distribution partner. But this relatively easy path comes at the price of greater dependency on the partner. Making the right choice all the more crucial. Four tips from Switzerland Global Enterprise's expert Daniel Bont: 1. Thorough market analysis as a basis. 2. Clear selection criteria. 3. Thorough assessment of an initial selection that is as large as possible. 4. Meeting candidates in person and building trust. And he mentioned that” Use the network of Switzerland Global Enterprise” at the end of his article.

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    Two bidders competed to send a Chinese vase to a record CHF 5 million in Geneva. The pre-sale estimate for the piece was CHF 500 to 800."Including the commission, the vase will cost the Asian buyer CHF 6.08 million (USD 6.1 million)," auctioneer Olivier Fichot told the AFP news agency. The auction house, Genève-Enchères, had listed the piece as a 23-inch tall vase with three blue dragons on a yellow background, possibly dating from the early 20th century yet with an 18th century Qianlong seal. The auctioneer said their estimate was conservative and that the piece was difficult to date accurately.