• Published by Embassy of Switzerland in China, 28th Mar 2013 in category Bilateral Relations in English

    The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of China (MoHRSS) and the Federal Social Insurance Office (FSIO) held a first round of negotiations on a Social Security Agreement between the 4th and 6th of March in Beijing. The negotiations were efficient and took place in a friendly atmosphere. The objective is to conclude an agreement regulating primarily the posting of workers with the objective to mutually exempt them from the burden of double charging. Numerous points were agreed upon and a second round of negotiations will most likely be held this year.

  • Published by Embassy of Switzerland in China, 28th Mar 2013 in category Bilateral Relations in English

    A delegation from the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute, lead by its Deputy Director Mr. Felix Addor, visited Beijing from March 4th to 8th for the 6th round of the bilateral dialogue on IPR. On the Chinese side the dialogue is coordinated by the Department of Treaty and Law of MofCOM and involves several Chinese authorities responsible for IPR matters such as the State Intellectual Property Office, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce as well as a number of other relevant institutions.

  • Published by, 27th Mar 2013 in category Business in English

    Tanghan Steel has purchased a 10% share in Switzerland's Duferco International Trading Holding, underscoring the efforts of China to export more steel due to domestic overcapacity. Tanghan, part of Hebei Group, the largest steelmaker in the Asian country, signed last week a deal that provides exclusive right to Duferco to sell Tanghan steel outside Asia, two sources familiar with the matter said.

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    ABB has won an order worth USD 150 million, which will see the Swiss power and automation company supply key equipment to what will be the world’s highest capacity power link when completed in 2014. China’s 8000 MW, 800 kV ultra high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) Xiluodu-Zhexi interconnector will transport hydroelectric power over a distance of 1670 km, from Yibin in Sichuan province in southwest China to Zhejiang province on the east coast.

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    Addressing the China Development Forum in Beijing on 23rd March, the ABB chairman said one of China’s biggest challenges in the coming years would be to meet its energy needs while at the same time cutting carbon emissions. Von Grünberg explained that “smart cities” were the key to ensuring that China’s economic growth brought improvements in quality of life in an environmentally sustainable way. He said rapid modernization and the construction of new cities meant that China had an opportunity to develop its urban centers in a top-down manner to realize a broader city vision.

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    From 9 to 14 April 2013, a delegation led by the state counsellor Mr. Pascal BROULIS from canton of Vaud will visit to Jiangsu Province, China. The delegation, composed of senior governors of DSAS and specialists of CHUV, meets the local provincial authorities and officials in major medical institutes and hospitals. This visit takes place according to the agreement on  medical field collaboration signed in 2010 between the Canton of Vaud and the Jiangsu Province.

  • Published by China Daily, 25th Mar 2013 in category Hospitality / Tourism / Retail in English

    Jiankangkuaiche project, literally "Health Express", is a program launched by Esquel Group and Swiss pharmaceutical maker Novartis International AG in 2010 with the aim of improving the medical treatment and health of people living in Xinjiang, especially those in rural areas. The program consists of three elements - health-education for primary and middle school students, medical training about infectious diseases for physicians and support for the research of epidemic diseases related to Brucella, a potentially fatal parasitic bacteria.

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    The documentary film Three Sisters from the Chinese director Wang Bing won the “Regard d’or” at Fribourg International Film Festival. The 153-minute documentary film Three Sisters from Chinese filmmaker Wang Bing is a sensitive and moving portrait of people who commonly remain invisible. Wang Bing captures the daily life of a family in a small mountain village in the centre of China. Through haunting images, he shows poverty, misery, and the challenges that even children must face. The international jury describes Wang Bing’s work as absolutely singular and awards the big prize with great respect and admiration.

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    The 4th Reception of the St. Gallen Symposium in Beijing is to be held on March 27th at the Swiss Residence in China. The reception is a prelude to the 43rd St. Gallen Symposium which will take place in the city of St. Gallen in May. Business leaders from MNCs, young entrepreneurs from high-tech startups and promising master and doctoral candidates at the most prestigious universities in China are invited to join a panel discussion led by high-profile guests on the topic “Rewarding Courage—the future of Chinese innovation”.

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    There is no doubt that Hong Kong is a market for Swiss companies, Hong Kong as a bridge, provides Swiss companies great chance to access the vast Chinese market. This was demonstrated by experts on marketing at the forum organized by Osec Hong Kong in Geneva held on March 14th. They presented two studies on business opportunities in Life Science and Cleantech.