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    Three researchers from the Università della Svizzera italiana in Lugano did a research on photos taken by Chinese tourists in Switzerland. “A Picturesque Online Representation of Switzerland: a Research Conducted on Chinese Social Network Weibo” is based on the analysis of pictorial tourism related user generated content from the mainland Chinese social network Sina Weibo, on the subject of “Switzerland” as a tourism destination. It explores the picturesque online representation of the destination. 440 user-generated pictures were analyzed; 46 drivers and 12 themes were discovered as a result in order to draw the destination’s online image.

  • Published by China Daily, 19th Apr 2013 in category Culture & Society in English

    Zao Wou-ki, one of China's most influential artists, died at his home in Switzerland on April 9, aged 92. The reformer who mixed both Eastern and Western styles was a success both in terms of artistic accomplishment and performance at auction, his painting 10.1.68 setting a record in 2011 when it sold for HK$ 68.98 million (USD 8.9 million) at Sotheby's in Hong Kong. Strongly influenced by the Swiss-German painter Paul Klee (1879-1940), Zao gradually abandoned details, moving away from representational painting and turning toward abstraction. He believed abstraction provided the greatest freedom and strength. His canvases became a mesh of lines and colour blocks invoking scenes from the Earth, such as ocean and fire.

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    In China, there are two major kinds of turnover taxes, i.e. VAT and business tax (BT), which cover different scopes of transactions in a mutually exclusive manner. Specifically, importation and sales of movable/tangible goods are covered by the VAT regime, while transfer of intangibles and immovable properties are covered by the BT regime, with the exception that processing, repairing and maintenance services are covered by the VAT regime. The document published by CMS provides a background and a summary of the main content of the Shanghai Pilot Reform.

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    From 11 – 15 February 2013, a 15-strong TV crew from China came to Zurich to film part of a new TV series. Entitled «Remembering Lichuan», it features a number of big-name actors from the country and is set to be watched by audiences in the hundreds of millions. «Remembering Lichuan» is a Chinese romance recounting the complex love story between Lichuan (Gao Godfey), an architect who grew up in Zurich, and a girl by the name of Xiaoqiu (Jiao Junyan) from a suburb in Kunming. Both Godfey and Junyan are household names in their home country.

  • Published by China Daily, 17th Apr 2013 in category Engineering / Manufacturing in English

    As the leader in the global flavours and fragrances industry, Swiss company Givaudan has set up offices in the Nantong Economic and Technology Development Area. This has been the largest investment Givaudan has made in China since 2006, with an initial investment of USD 45 million. Givaudan, based in Switzerland, is a multinational flavours and fragrances magnate with a history of over 200 years. It accounts for 25% of the market in the global flavours and fragrances industry with a market value of around CHF 17 billion (USD 18.3 billion). In 2012, it realized sales of CHF 4.3 billion and established branches in more than 40 countries.

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    After the successful launching ceremony of the bilateral project Sino-Swiss Zhenjiang Ecological Industrial Park (SSZEIP) in January 2013, the cooperation has been further developed, and even better, Swiss green building technology provided by Keller Technologies could be extended. Cleantech Switzerland together with Keller Technologies and supported by the Swiss Embassy, Osec and Swisscham therefore organizes a Construction Project Briefing on 7th May in the offices of Keller Technologies. All Swiss construction supplier companies are most welcome to join the briefing for figuring out if there is contract potential in this Sino-Swiss project. Suitable supplier companies are searched for the construction phase. More info

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    The inaugural ceremony of New Huadu Business School was held on 12th April in Sihlberg Castle in Zurich, Switzerland. New Huadu Business School Switzerland signed agreements with TCL Company, Credit Suisse, University of Zurich and Greater Zurich Area during the ceremony. Pr. Phelps, Economic Nobel Prize 2006, and Chairman Mr. He Zhiyi delivered speeches during the ceremony.

  • Published by 24 heures, 12th Apr 2013 in category Hospitality / Tourism / Retail in French

    Givaudan, the world’s leading fragrance and flavour company, today laid the foundation for its new world-class, manufacturing facility dedicated to savoury flavours, in Nantong, China. Located in the heart of the most economically developed area of China, the new facility will substantially increase Givaudan’s current savoury production capacity and enable it to serve customers in China more efficiently. Representing a total investment of RMB 335 million (CHF 50 million) – it is Givaudan’s largest investment in China since 2006.

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    The Chinese education system, as many elements of the Chinese model, is undergoing significant reforms. The government aims to reduce bureaucracy and give more decision power to the universities. Several plans are set to improve the quality of education in Chinese universities. On the other hand, foreign universities have a strong interest  to establish academic cooperation with their Chinese counterparts. Switzerland also signed a  number of Memorandums of Understanding in this regard, although there isn't a Swiss campus in China for the time being. However, New Huadu Business School, launched in 2010 with the support of a wealthy Chinese businessman and the Chinese authorities, chose Zurich as its first campus abroad. This is a landmark for the Chinese academic landscape and also an excellent news for Switzerland.

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    The State Council has announced the expansion of the current Business to Value Added Tax ("B2V") Pilot Program nation-wide, effective Aug 1, 2013. This includes the existing industries and further extends the scope of Modern Services to encompass the production, broadcasting and distribution of media and cinematic productions. In addition, railroad transportation, postal and telecommunications will be added at the appropriate time. The aim is still to complete the B2V within the 12th Five-Year Plan.