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    Swiss export has reached a record of CHF 109, 6 billion during the first semester whilst import hit CHF 90.7 billion, the highest in 8 years. In terms of industry, chemistry/pharmacy shows an increase in export of 7% or CHF 32 billion, reaching a historical level. Export to North America and Asia has increased by 6%. With a raise by a fifth, the turnover with China has reached a new peak. But the Middle East has fallen by 16%. The European continent has increased by 4%. After a bounce back in May, Swiss horology continues to recover. Its deliveries abroad are of 5.3% in June at CHF 1.7 billion. In the first semester, it stagnated (+0,1% at 9,5 billion). China (+21,7%) and the United Kingdom (+16,3%) particularly contributed to the performance. Hong Kong is slightly higher (+0,5%). However, the United States shows a clear fall back (-5,9%).

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    The Chinese Embassy to Switzerland held a visit for Swiss students and invited close to 50 teachers and students from 6 Swiss universities of Applied Science and Artsto the Embassy as guests. The Chinese Ambassador Mr. GengWenbing attended the event and delivered a speech. During his speech, Ambassador Geng warmly welcomed the guests. He briefly introduced the development history of China, the achievements China has made in economy and society, also the good momentum of the rapid development of Sino-Swiss relations. He encouraged the students profited the opportunity of visiting China, to better understand China, strengthen exchanges with Chinese youth, build friendship and make Sino-Swiss friendship continue.The teacher representative thanked the Embassy for organizing the event and providing a valuable opportunity for the students to communicate with Chinese diplomats.

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    During a festive ceremony on 18 May 2017, Bystronic inaugurated its new sales and service center in Shanghai. The new premises offer Bystronic an enhanced infrastructure with modern offices and a demo center. During his opening address at the inauguration of the new business location, Dr. Song You, President of Bystronic China, emphasized that the new center will allow Bystronic to offer even more comprehensive support to its Chinese customers with sales advice and services relating to all the steps of sheet metal processing. In addition to Shanghai, Bystronic has two other Chinese business locations in Shenzhen and Tianjin that act as centralized points of contact for the sales and service of its sheet metal processing systems. The goal of this infrastructure is to be a competent and reliable local partner for all the customers’ concerns.For Bystronic, China is one of the most important individual markets worldwide. As Dr. Song You explained, ever since Bystronic took up its sales activities, it has been able to continuously expand its range of solutions in China. Today in China, Bystronic is one of the top 3 international manufacturers of machines for the cutting and bending of sheet metal.

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    Singapore and Hong Kong will attract wealth from abroad at more than twice the pace of Switzerland over the next four years as Asia’s economic expansion draws cash from millionaires, Boston Consulting Group predicts. For decades, wealth hubs including Switzerland and Singapore have benefited from political and economic instability elsewhere that prompted rich people to move money abroad in search of investment returns. Asia’s biggest wealth centers are attracting clients from within the region who are becoming richer in tandem with its rising economic output. “Relative to Switzerland, Hong Kong and Singapore are growing faster because of the economic growth from China to India,” said Mariam Jaafar, a Singapore-based BCG partner and one of the authors of the report. Still, China’s restrictions on investment outflows may slow some of the movement of assets from the nation, Jaafar said. China ranks above Taiwan, Hong Kong and Indonesia as the largest source of offshore wealth in the Asia-Pacific region, according to BCG. It contributed almost USD 12 billion in revenue pools for private banks last year, the most in the region, the report showed. Banks from UBS Group AG to Credit Suisse Group AG and DBS Group Holdings Ltd. have been adding wealth management staff to service global clients as assets grow.


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    While Switzerland is mostly known in China for its luxury watches, young Swiss designers are also looking to build their names here. So, InnoFashion 2017, an event that celebrates fashion, design and textile innovation in China and Switzerland, was recently held at the Swiss embassy in Beijing. As for the growing links between the two countries, Switzerland and China established an Innovative Strategic Partnership in 2016 and launched the Sino-Swiss Year of Tourism covering 2016 and 2017. Jean-Jacques de Dardel, Swiss ambassador to China, says: "We know that you cannot order innovation, or inventions. Instead, you need to rely on the private sector and individual minds for breakthroughs. That is why we have InnoFashion. "We'd like to use this platform to exemplify such collaboration involving the government, private sector and individuals by bringing young creative minds together," he says.


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    Concardis is expanding its international portfolio: the payment service provider is bringing Chinese mobile payment solution Alipay to Austria and Switzerland. CGössl is the first merchant in Austria to enable Chinese guests to pay via smartphone and the Alipay app. The roll-out in the Swiss market is planned for October of this year. This in turn increases the demands on payment systems - not only in e-commerce, but also at the point of sale on site. Tourists from around the world come to Europe and, when shopping, expect the standard options they are used to from their home countries. But East Asia is leading the way in terms of mobile payment. This is the reason for our partnership with Alipay - which helps us enable merchants in all of German-speaking Europe to allow their customers who are travelling from Asia to pay using the preferred payment method in China,’ says Marcus W. Mosen, CEO of Concardis. And it has certainly paid off: Alipay currently has more than 450 million active users and holds more than 50% of the Chinese online payment market - even reaching a total of 80% with regard to mobile payment. “Entry into the Austrian and Swiss markets is important for us to help us gain stable footing in Europe as a whole. With their strong position in German-speaking Europe and their international experience, Concardis is the ideal partner to help us achieve this goal.” The partnership between the Chinese company and the Eschborn-based payment service provider has existed since June of last year, explained by the head of EMEA at Alipay.

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    Chinese gymnastic icon Li Ning in June is set to return to Montreux, Switzerland, where he won gold in the inaugural Arthur Gander Memorial event 32 years ago, to -enhance the -exchanges between the two countries. Speaking ahead of his trip to Montreux, Li, a three-time Olympic gold medalist at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, said he hopes his journey could see more cooperation between the two sides. After retiring from competition in 1988, the "Prince of Gymnastics" set up a company in his own name specializing in sports equipment in 1990. The brand has become extremely popular in China.But Li was cagey about revealing any sponsorship deals with Swiss teams or clubs -during his forthcoming trip, saying it should be "decided by the market." China has concluded a cooperation agreement with the Swiss sports body for the 2020 Youth Olympic Winter Games in Lausanne and the 2022 -Winter Olympic Games in Beijing.

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    At CHF11,000 (USD 11,300) a pop, Metall Zug AG’s “Refresh Butler” is no ordinary steam cleaner. But it may be key to the Swiss maker of luxury household appliances’ big leap into China. The Zug-based company is counting on the steaming closet that can rid business suits of the lingering smells of smoke and smog to increase its foothold in Asia’s biggest economy as it takes steps to sell more of its household appliances abroad. “It’s a door opener,” Chief Executive Officer Juerg Werner said in a May 16 interview at the company’s headquarters in Zug. To the company’s surprise, the product is proving popular in China, where airing clothing can be difficult in cities due to smog and poor air quality, Werner said.“People in China smoke a lot,” he said. “I spent some four to five hours in thick smoke when I was there -- it stank like crazy.” “It’s a narrow segment we’re serving here, in China, too,” Werner said. “The top end is relatively thin. Nevertheless, we managed to win some top projects in China recently,” he said, declining to provide details.

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    China's capital markets remain restricted to foreigners, but Switzerland is launching a promising bid to help further open up the country to western participation, Swiss diplomat Joerg Gasser tells's highest tax diplomat, Joerg Gasser, visited Singapore, Hong Kong and China recently as part of a government-led visit to the region which included UBS, Credit Suisse, and the Swiss stock exchange operator. The Swiss government under finance minister Ueli Maurer made a case to help China liberalize its economy, Gasser tells – a plan based on diplomatic relations more than 65 years old. From the interview, we could also see his opinions in “China interested in talking strategy with us”, “We're small, not in the EU, not a threat to China”, “ChemChina-Syngenta signals open market” and “Chinese banks need to be in Switzerland”.

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    China legal Report is a monthly collection of Chinese law related news gathered from various media and news services, edited by Wenfei Attorney-at-law LTD. This time, you will read three useful news concerning “establishment of seven new free trades in China”, “the amendment of enterprise income tax law” and “security program of foods and drugs in the 13th Five Year Plan”.