Sino-Swiss (Zhongshan) Industrial Park

1. Introduction
2. Location
3. Objectives
4. Opportunities
5. Further Links
6. Contacts

1. Introduction 

Sino-Swiss (Zhongshan) Industrial Park is located in the east town of Zhongshan called Tsuihang New District. It’s an important Chinese-foreign cooperation platform and gathering place of European companies which was advocated by Hu Chunhua, Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial CPC Committee. The planning area of the Park is 7 square kilometers, including Healthcare Zone, Precision Machinery Manufacturing Zone, Ecological Demonstration Zone and Finance and Education Zone. The Park’s main advantages are convenient traffic, well-developed logistics and beautiful environment.


What we need
Zhongshan Sino-Swiss(European) Industrial Park emphasis on the development of “4+1” industries, such as healthcare&medicine, precision machinery manufacturing, energy saving&environmental protection, finance&education and other modern services, details as below:
1. Healthcare&Medicine

  • Development and production of high performance medical equipments;
  • Development of biological and chemical medicine production;
  • Development and production of equipments and products related to genetic testing.

2. Precision Machinery Manufacturing

  • Development and production of robotic equipments and products;
  • Development and production of products related to integrated circuit health&environmental applications;
  • Production of equipments and products for high end precision machineries

3. Energy Saving & Environmental Protection

  • Manufacturing for new energy car equipments and parts;
  • Development and application for energy saving, environment friendly, high performance and multi-functional new materials.

4. Finance and Education

  • Commercial banking, fund management, financing etc;
  • Training for brand building.

5. Other modern services

  • European&American SMEs technology incubation and talent services;
  • Productive natural science, engineering technologies, R&D for medical science and professional design services.

2. Location 

Zhongshan Sino-Swiss(European)Zhongshan Industrial Park is located in the central part of the Pearl River Delta Region, one of the three most dynamic urban agglomerations in China.  With in a 300 kilometers-radius, this area has a population over 100 million and produces 11% of China’s GDP. Within the 90 kilometers in radius, there are five major airports and three ocean shipping deep-water ports. Zhongshan is the golden corridor to connect West Guangdong with Shenzhen, Hong Kong and the surrounding areas, facilitated by Guangzhou–Zhuhai Intercity High-Speed Railway and the construction of the coastal railway in west Guangdong (expected to open in 20XX). Two bridges connecting the important cities are also within reach: the Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge and the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Bridge.


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3. Objectives 

Zhongshan Sino-Swiss(European) Industrial Park is a new industrial park built in Tsuihang New EconomicDistrict, Zhongshan, Guangdong. The SSIP results from numerous favorablepolicies granted by the Central Government and Guangdong’s leadingposition in economic development.  It is designed to be a platform for advanced technology cooperation between Chinaand Switzerland, and is expected to play an important role in attracting theleading companies and hi-tech companies from Switzerland and other Europeancountries. It will serve as a demonstration park where industries are highlyconcentrated and innovations are very much encouraged.

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4. Opportunities 

Around Zhongshan Sino-Swiss(European) Industrial Park there are 35 national industrial bases and 15 province-level specialized towns that can provide industrial supports as pharmaceutics and hi-tech electronics. Five major industry clusters of shipbuilding and ocean engineering, new energies, new materials, wind power and energy conserving equipment have taken their initial shape around the Initiating Area of the park. Their have gathered a large number of advanced companies such as Guangzhou Shipyard International, Guangxin Shipbuilding and Heavy Industry, Mingyang Wind Power, Wistron, China Hi-Tech Group Corporation.

The park will take large international healthy pharmaceuticals companies as the leading force and drive the coordinated development of Medical Equipment Manufacturing Area (Eastern Second Circle) and Pharmaceuticals Manufacturing Area (Western Second Circle). So far two pharmaceuticals supported companies Lead Packaging and Zhaohong Precision Mould have settled down and started their business. Two biomedical companies have entered the park and a large number of quality projects in the line of medical equipment have been started.

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5. Further Links 

Zhongshan Sino-Swiss (European) Industrial Park
Retrospect of Major Events (

6. Contacts 

中瑞(中山)工业园  Sino-Swiss (Zhongshan) Industrial Park
中山中瑞工业园招商工作办公室  Investment Promotion Office of Sino-Swiss (Zhongshan) Industrial Park
Mr. XU Xing  许行主任
电话/Tel: +86 760 8989 3617
地址: 广东省中山市马鞍岛翠城道翠亨新区规划馆
Address: Tsuihang New District Planning Exhibition Center, Cuicheng Rd, Maan Island, Zhongshan, Guangdong



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