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Below, publications are offering a general overview of Switzerland as an interesting and attractive market place from an economic perspective. For further advice, please consult the companies listed below.

Handbook for Investors - Switzerland as a Business Location
The handbook contains information setting out the key advantages of Switzerland as a business location as well as the current investment climate, production costs, taxes, infrastructure and new technologies, financing and legal matters.

Company Title
S-GE Handbook for Investors Switzerland as a Business Location EN
VISCHER  Trade, Investment and M&A in Switzerland – Key Factors for Chinese Enterprises

Handbook for Investors Switzerland as a Business Location EN

Handbook for Investors Switzerland as a Business Location CN

Switzerland - Business Environment
Switzerland is the most competitive business location and one of the most innovative countries in the world. Its dual education system forms the foundation for the country’s remarkably creative and innovative economy. The liberal economic system, political stability, and substantial integration with foreign markets provide additional incentives for companies to establish themselves in Switzerland. Swiss free trade policies create the ideal conditions for the exchange of goods and services with key partners.

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Business Environment EN

Business Environment CN

Success Stories Booklet
Investors from tell their success stories and explain why they decided to establish their company in Switzerland. Find out as to what prompted the decision-makers of various companies to choose Switzerland as business location.

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Success Story Booklet CN

Sino-Swiss Free Trade Agreement (FTA) Handbook
Sino-Swiss FTA entered into force on July 1st, 2014. Find out the potential and how you could benefit from it with our Sino-Swiss FTA Handbook that gives a comprehensive overview on the matter.

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Sino-Swiss FTA Handbook CN

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