Beijing RAGA & NAGA 2017/2018

Beijing RAGA & NAGA 2017/2018

When 30th March
Time16:00 to 18:45
LocationParkview Green by Éclat Hotel



SwissCham Beijing is delighted to invite you to the

Beijing Regional Annual General Assembly (RAGA) 2017/2018 & National Annual General Assembly (NAGA) 2017/2018

DATE / 时间
Friday 30 March / 2018年03月30号 (周五)
Parkview Green by Éclat Hotel / 芳草地 - 北京怡亨酒店


Dear Members and Friends of SwissCham,

We are delighted to invite you to our Regional Annual General Assembly (RAGA) followed by our National Annual General Assembly (NAGA) held on 30 March 2017. As the business year is coming to its end, this is the chance for our members to know more about us: to review our activities in 2017/2018, to decide upon financials, to agree on the program for 2018/19 and to elect our Board of Directors.

The RAGA& NAGA will be directly followed by our Swiss Traditional Dinner which is the perfect opportunity to meet and mingle with SwissCham members and friends and enjoy a tasty dinner in an alpine atmosphere!

Do not hesitate to contact us should you have any question.

With best regards,

Your SwissCham Team

Regional Annual General Assembly (RAGA) of SwissCham Beijing:
SwissCham Beijing members are represented by a Board of Directors (BOD) of eleven, elected every year by the RAGA. We therefore encourage you to apply to become a Member of the Board of Directors in order to support the activities of SwissCham Beijing as well as to ensure the representativeness of our members. 
Please send your CV and a short motivation letter to our General Manager Ms. Laura FLEMING, or call her on the following number: +86 10 8468 3982 ext. 188. 
The application deadline is Friday 9 March 2018. Candidatures will be published in the RAGA package distributed to all members in February. All application documents are treated confidentially. 

The RAGA is reserved to members only. 

Non-members are all welcome to attend the Swiss Traditional Dinner following the RAGA.

  1. Welcome, Quorum confirmation
  2. Activity Report of the Board 2017/18
  3. Tentative Program 2018/19
  4. Accounts 2017
  5. Budget 2018
  6. Report of the Auditor 
  7. Discharge of the Board
  8. Election of the 2018/19 BOD
  9. Election of the 2018/19 BOD President and National Representatives
  10. Varia

For SwissCham Beijing RAGA on 30.03.2018
Minutes RAGA 2017/2018
RAGA Package 2017/2018
Minutes RAGA 2016/2017
Participation and Proxy Form

National Annual General Assembly (NAGA) of SwissCham China:

As the membership year is coming to its end, it is time to review SwissCham China’s last year performance, to decide upon financials, to elect the new National Board members and to agree to the program and budget for 2018/19.
The National Board has come up with several changes and proposes to the National General Assembly to agree to these modifications.

  1. Welcome, Quorum
  2. Application for changes of the Agenda
  3. Minutes of the last General Assembly
  4. Treasurer’s report and Auditors’ statement
  5. Discharge of the Board
  6. Election of the Board Members and Honorary
  7. Budget 2018
  8. Activity report 2017 of the Regional Chambers
  9. Varia

For SwissCham China NAGA on 30.03.2018
Minutes NAGA 2017-2018
Minutes NAGA 2016-2017

16:00 - 16:20:  Registration for SwissCham RAGA & proxy validation at the Voting Bureau Desk
16:30 - 18:00:  SwissCham Beijing RAGA

18:00 - 18:15:  Registration for SwissCham NAGA & proxy validation at the Voting Bureau Desk
18:15 - 18:45:  SwissCham China NAGA

18:30 - 19:15:  Cocktail & Registration Swiss Traditional Dinner
19:00 - 22:00:  Swiss Traditional Dinner

Ms. Laura FLEMING, General Manager
Tel: +86 10 8468 3982 ext. 188.


Venue name: 

Parkview Green by Éclat Hotel

No.9 Dongdaqiao Road, Beijing, 100020China