SwissCham Beijing Upcoming Trainings 2018

SwissCham Training Program 2018

  • In collaboration with STAUFEN, we will offer Lean Adminstration, Management and Development course in both English and Chinese;
  • SwissCham trainings are offered in collaboration with SGS Academy or the French and German Chambers of Commerce in Beijing;
  • SwissCham members are entitled to a 10% discount from the original price;
  • Courses are taught in Chinese (CN) and/or English (EN).

For more information and registration, please contact Ms. Andréa SU by email at or by phone at 8468 3982 x 183.

Please click on the below courses for more information (price, location, course description).

January 2018

 07 EN Present to Influence (NEW)
 09 EN Smart Logistic and Supply Chain Management
 15 CN Communication, Influencing and Negotiation Skills


March 7
Present to Influence (NEW)

Present to Influence is not your typical training. It is a high-impact program featuring Lead with Words’ unique methodology to help you develop persuasive presentations holistically: from concept to delivery.
Expert instruction and dynamic, practical exercises are paired with video feedback for maximum effect.
“People working in an international company will definitely benefit from this training.”
- Doney Xu, Executive Operations Director APAC at Vanderlande

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March 9
Smart Logistic and Supply Chain Management

  • What is a Smart Logistic and smart supply chain management
  • Learn about the benefits and efforts to introduce your organization to SMART logistics     and smart supply chain management
  • Learn to improve the robustness of your processes and reduce the susceptibility to trouble of a supply chain
  • Approach for the continuous optimization of smart logistics networks
  • Introduce models for the strategic, tactical and operational logistics planning and control
  • 什么是智能化物流和供应链管理
  • 学习如何向您的企业介绍并使其正确理解智能化物流及供应链管理
  • 学习如何提高企业流程稳定性和减少供应链中的问题
  • 持续优化智能化物流网络的方法
  • 介绍有关的战略,策略及可操作的物流计划及控制

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March 15
Communication, Influencing and Negotiation Skills
Communication and negotiation skills are vital and the key success factors to all kind of business nowadays. The program trainer will lead the participants understand their own and others’ interpersonal style by applying the most updated tools. Participants will learn to improve the relation with co-workers, customers, friends and family members so as to achieving success in all kind of negotiation situations. The trainer will make use of actual business cases sharing and role plays, to let participants be involved and experience the latest communication skills and negotiation process from a different angle.

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