SwissCham China - What do we do?

The Swiss Chamber of Commerce is a networking and information platform for Swiss companies in China and Chinese companies interested in Switzerland. Our main goal is to gather on a common platform all actors of the Sino-Swiss business community, in order to strengthen the political and economic bonds between the two countries, stimulate interaction and develop business opportunities. In a nutshell:

  • We CONNECT the companies, institutions and organizations together.
  • We enable EXCHANGE and PROMOTION through our communication channels which encompass events, website, online directory and printed publications, providing exposure and privileged space to discuss business, find solutions and share your know-how.
  • In Shanghai, we BRING YOU CLOSER through our 4 committees: Finance & Tax, Legal & HR, SME & Industrial and Hospitality, to discuss related topics in more detail. For more information, contact 
  • We provide a wide range of SERVICES such as access to trainings, event consulting, discounts to members on services/products, and general consulting on business in China.

Keep yourself updated about SwissCham's events in Beijing and Shanghai by following our official WeChat accounts below

WeChat ID: SwissCham                                           WeChat ID: SwissChamShanghai



SwissCham China - A Foreign Trade Actor 

SwissCham China is an important  actor of the Swiss foreign trade promotion, gathering a majority of the Swiss business Community in China. It is the only Swiss Chamber of Commerce officially registered in Mainland China.

Internal organization

SwissCham China is a non-profit, umbrella organization coordinating the Chinese branches. The local branches include SwissCham Beijing, SwissCham Shanghai and SwissCham Guangzhou, which are represented by a Board of Directors (BOD). The BOD may delegate the Chamber's management to an Executive Director  (or General Manager) in charge of managing the Chamber's office.

Network partners

SwissCham China collaborates with other independent Swiss Chinese Chambers of Commerce which include Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong (SCCHK) and the Swiss-Chinese Chamber of Commerce (SCCC) in Switzerland (Zurich, Geneva and Lugano). Swiss interests in Taipei are further represented by a private organization called, the Trade Office of Swiss Industries (TOSI).

External partners

SwissCham China further collaborates with external partners:

and numerous other Swiss, Chinese and foreign organizations.