20th Anniversary

About us - 关于我们

Founded in 1996, the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China (SwissCham China) is the only Swiss non‐profit and non‐governmental business & trade association officially registered in Mainland China. Our main goal is to gather all actors of the Sino‐Swiss business community on a common platform to strengthen the political and economic bonds between the two countries to stimulate interaction and develop business opportunities. Our close relations with Swiss and Chinese official institutions allow us to have the ability to make your voice heard in regards to your experience in doing business in China. Our 3 offices in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou total more than 450 members.

建于1996 年,中国瑞士商会是唯一一个在中国大陆正式官方登记注册的非营利性、非政府商贸组织性的 瑞士商会。商会的主要目的是促进瑞中两国间的商业关系,加强两国政府和机构间的政治与经济联系。 瑞士商会与瑞士以及中国官方机构的密切联系将有助于在华瑞士企业和与瑞士有商业往来的中国企业交流。我们共有三个办公室,分别在北京,上海,广州,有超过450 个会员。

2016: a Jubilee Year - 2016: 20 周年庆

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the establishment of SwissCham China, an iconic age. In the last two decades (1996‐2014), the value of Swiss exports to Mainland China has increased almost nineteen‐fold while Switzerland purchased ten times more in value from China. The number of Swiss companies established in China spectacularly increased to reach about 1’000 in China in 2015.

We also would like to mention a few milestones. In 2007, Switzerland was the first Western country to recognize China as a market economy. Then, the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement on 1 July 2014 which is a true token of our eminent relations with China, not only in trade, but in various other fields. More recently, Federal Councilor Alain Berset and Social Security Minister Yin Weimin signed on 30 September 2015 a social security agreement, following a survey conducted by SwissCham China. Meanwhile, SwissCham China has developed during the last two decades some unmissable events: The Ambassador’s and Consular Briefings, the Swiss Ball, the Sino‐Swiss Business Awards and of course the Sino‐Swiss Economic Forum.

These meaningful cobblestones undoubtedly map out a route full of opportunities for at least the next 20 years!

2016 年标志着中国瑞士商会的成立20 周年。在过去的二十年里(1996 至2016 年),瑞士出口到中国大陆的货值增加了近19 倍,而瑞士对中国货物的购买力则增加了十倍。2015 年,在中国成立的瑞士公司的数量达到近1000 多家。值得一提的几个里程碑事件。 2007 年,瑞士是第一个承认中国完全市场经济地位的西方国家。接着,2014 年7 月1 日自由贸易协定生效,这对中瑞关系来说,不仅在贸易,更是其他各种领域的密切合作。基于中国瑞士商会进行的一项调查,联邦议员阿莱恩·贝尔塞和社会保障部部长尹蔚民于2015 年9 月30日签署了社会保障协议,与此同时,中国瑞士商会已经在过去的二十年中策划了一些不容错过的活动:大使和领事的演讲,瑞士舞会,中瑞商业大奖,当然还有中瑞经济论坛。

至少在未来的20 年里,这些标志型的大事件将给中瑞商会带来更多的机遇!

About the logo - 关于我们的图标

We are very proud to present you our 20th anniversary logo, created by Ms. Barbara Seidelmann, founder and managing director of 5 Star Plus Retail Design, and her team. This agency provides branded retail and store design, consulting and project management services to high end brands wishing to enter, expand or redefine their presence in the Chinese market.”Key inspirations for the logo design were Chinese and Swiss elements that would be considered “typical” for these two countries - from art and culture, and especially calligraphy. The color scheme is kept simple with some red touches as a reference to the color in the Swiss and Chinese flags,” Barbara said. 

我们很荣幸向您展示由斐思达品牌设计咨询的创始人和管理经理Barbara Seidelmann女士与她的团队为我们创造的20周年庆的图标。此公司面向希望进入中国市场的高端品牌提供品牌商品和门店设计,咨询顾问和项目管理等服务。此图标的主要灵感来源自中国和瑞士两国以及其被视为“典型”的文化和艺术元素,尤其是书法。Barbara说:“颜色主题简约并加有红色的点缀以来呼应瑞士和中国国旗的主色调”。

20th Anniversary Events - 20周年庆祝活动

11.03.2016 - Beijing   

Swiss Traditionnal Dinner
This unmissable evening is the opportunity for the Sino-Swiss business community to meet and mingle around a typical Swiss dinner in an alpine atmosphere! This edition will have a particular vibe as we will officially launch the 20th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the Swiss Chamber of Commerce in China! 
Read more and sign up here!

08.04.2016 - Beijing

Sino-Swiss Economic Forum 2016
On the occasion of the State visit of the President of Switzerland Federal Councillor Johann N. Schneider-Ammann, SwissCham Beijing, in association with the Embassy of Switzerland in China, the Swiss Business Hub and swissnex China, is delighted to announce the Sino-Swiss Economic Forum 2016 (SSEF) on 8 April at the Rosewood Beijing. The President will be accompanied by a delegation of business people and representatives from the Swiss science and research field. On the Chinese side, we will have the pleasure to welcome the Minister of Commerce, H.E. Gao Hucheng. For more information click here!

16.04.2016 - Shanghai

Swiss Ball 2016 - Havana Night
Join us and celebrate the heat of the Havana night! We are inviting you to our Annual Swiss Ball 2016 for a glamorous and unforgettable night full of music, dance, fun and surprises with a tropical flair. Enjoy an exquisite gala menu, captivating entertainment and win great lucky draw prizes.
Immerse yourself into the exotic Havana atmosphere! Let our live bands and DJ carry you away with Latino music, catchy tune and thrilling dance vibes throughout the night! Read more and sign up here!